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Why managing marketing campaigns is
easier with Bigin

Offering exceptional products and services is pointless if people don't know that your company is providing them! From educating your audience about existing products/services and introducing them to the latest launches to building a positive brand image, a well-planned and consistent marketing strategy can help you take your business to new heights. Use Bigin to monitor the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns meticulously.

A CRM for managing marketing campaigns

Bigin's Marketing Campaign Manager ensures that your campaigns come to fruition exactly as you envisioned them! Not only is it great for small businesses, but it also adapts exceptionally to marketing teams within larger organizations—making it the ideal go-to tool for running campaigns.
Take a look at what it can do.

Everything you need to run
marketing campaigns and more

Bigin brings the many aspects of a marketing campaign together: details like which contacts are involved in a campaign, which tasks and activities need to be completed, important notes, deadlines, call and email correspondences, and other pertinent information. Your team can access all the information they need quickly and easily.

Module containing details of a marketing campaign

Manage marketing campaigns

Watch your pipeline to track all your campaigns and organize them by the stage they're at in your creative process. Monitor all phone and email communications, access all relevant files, and store important notes about each campaign.

Keep a list of all Contacts

Keep every bit of information associated with your contacts at your fingertips. Store your contacts somewhere safe so you can see them arranged neatly in the stages of your pipeline. Use the Contacts module to find details about every customer, marketer, or vendor associated with your business.

Track the Companies you work with

Bigin gives you the flexibility to work with individual customers, an entire company, or a mix of both! Use this module to keep records of all your customers and the companies they work for.

Store all your Products in one place

Keep a list of all your products so you never have to scramble for details. Find another great product? Add it here and you're good to go. Make it easier for new hires to get acquainted with the products and services your organization offers.

Make calls and create tasks and events with Activities

Keep a list of all your products so you never have to scramble for details. Find another great product? Add it here and you're good to go. Make it easier for new hires to get acquainted with the products and services your organization offers.

Crunch numbers with Dashboards

Stay on top of your performance so you know just how well you've been doing. Bigin comes with dashboards that accurately report your performance with customizable charts and tables.

Use a comprehensive pipeline to keep track
of your marketing campaigns

Bigin's pipelines are all the rage in the small business world, so we decided to double-down on our most important feature and provide a pipeline that covers all the key stages involved in creating a successful marketing campaign—from ideating a new campaign to scheduling it and finally going live with it.

Here's a pipeline depicting the stages involved in managing a marketing campaign:

Pipeline with stages involved in creating a marketing campaign.

Create custom fields to store
all relevant information

One size never fits all, so don't compromise on your needs. Bigin's customizable fields enable you to store information relevant to your marketing strategy.

Creating a record for a new campaign

What else?

Make calls and send emails directly from Bigin

Need to make phone calls? Check. Need to send emails? Double check. Bigin's not just limited to calls; you can also host video calls and presentations without leaving the app. Alternatively, if you want to dial it down and keep everything over email, you can do that as well. Bigin comes with both IMAP and POP support so you can integrate the most popular email services and send and receive emails directly from Bigin.

Set up workflows and let Bigin deal with the daily routine

Here's how you can save even more time: Set up workflows in Bigin to automate daily tasks like adding new customers to your client list, sending testimonial request emails to your customers, setting up email campaigns, and much more.

Create multiple pipelines for all your operations

Bigin covers other business operations as well. Create multiple pipelines for different processes, like case studies or app reviews, so you can monitor and visualize them all at once. Yes, you can customize stages and fields in all your other pipelines, too!

Connect all your favorite apps

Bigin seamlessly integrates with many of the best apps out there. From Google Workspace to Office 365, we have them all. You can even integrate with top marketing apps like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Zoho Campaigns to boost your marketing efforts further. You can also connect to a thousand more apps through Zapier, Zoho Flow, or our magical developer APIs.

Sell from anywhere with the Bigin app

The Bigin app for iOS and Android is easily one of the most useful CRM apps on the market. Track your projects, call your clients, and make moves on the go. With the Bigin app, you can take your business literally anywhere.

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All this for only $7 a month per user.

Stop pinching yourself, it's real!

Bigin is priced advantageously for small businesses to give them the right applications to grow and flourish. This will never change. At just $7 per month per user, Bigin provides all that you need and more, which makes it the best small business CRM in the world. Nothing else comes close.

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Don't take our word for it,
hear from people just like you.

I'm the Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency, and Bigin by Zoho has made my life so easy that I can manage my whole team and clients effortlessly. Bigin is exactly what we wanted: simple, clean, and easy to navigate. The cherry on top is that I connected Bigin to other third-party apps, and now my team management process, email campaigns, and marketing are automated. I could go on and on about Bigin. Thanks for being there!


Swapnicah Jain, Founder, AdsCaffe

I think this CRM is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses. It is not overloaded with unusual features. They have kept it relatively simple, which means you can get up and operating very quickly. You can personalize field names and add custom fields, which makes the system more user-friendly. I have used a number of CRM systems, and I reviewed others before deciding on Bigin, which is easy to use—meaning you can very quickly become productive. Overall, I am very happy with this CRM.


Michael Robson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Netcare Technology

Bigin has been a fantastic addition to the Zoho One suite. While Zoho CRM has an incredible functionality, for our organization with a smaller team much of this functionality wasn't necessary. Bigin combines a beautiful UI and features that a sales team will actually use that fully integrates with all other Zoho products. Great work Zoho! Thank you for this addition. Very happy and would 100% recommend.


Aarron Attwell, CEO, XESIV Digital

I'm self-employed and run a design, printing, and marketing business. I wear all the hats when it comes to my business, so I need tools that help me automate and track everything that goes on day to day. When I started using Bigin, I loved how easy it was to use, and it had a clean and organized interface. One of the best things is they made it affordable. I look forward to seeing how Bigin evolves and helps me run my business better.


Krista Guerrero, Owner, Kreative Design/Marketing


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