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Why product launches are easier with roadmaps

Roadmaps are a single source of truth that encapsulate the vision, priorities, and direction a product takes over time. They're great way of monitoring the status of your product as it progresses through the various stages of development, and providing transparency within your organization ensures that all stakeholders are looped in on every update.

A CRM template designed to emulate the ideal product roadmap

Managing product development has never been easier. Bigin's product roadmap template visualizes the stages that a product goes through from its conception to launch. Tracking your product's status as it materializes has never been easier. Not only does Bigin fit your business perfectly, but it's also effortless to use. Bigin is your best bet if you have a relatively small workforce. Let's take a look at what it can do!

Modules to store all product-related information

We've curated a set of modules that hold the information necessary at each stage of product development. Looking to add a field that's unique to your process? Well, go ahead; you can customize Bigin's modules to suit your needs.

This contains the details of a feature being developed.

Track upcoming Features efficiently

The Features module visualizes all your requests in a pipeline, neatly organized by the stage they're at in your process. You'll be able to track the development of multiple products simultaneously, and immediately assess how close they are to being launched.

Keep a repository of all your Contacts

Keep every bit of information associated with your contacts at your fingertips! To see your contacts neatly arranged in stages in your pipeline, you need them all to be stored someplace safe. The Contacts module is where you'll find details of every customer, employee, or vendor associated with your business.

Use the Companies module to track contacts from the same organization

Bigin gives you the flexibility to work with individual contacts or entire companies—or a mix of both. The Companies module enables you to keep track of the companies you're in business with.

Keep records of your Products so you always know what you have to offer

Keep a list of all your products so you never have to scramble for details. Made another great product? Add it here and you're good to go. The Products module holds all the products that you've developed.

Make calls, create tasks, and set up events with Activities

Set up tasks and events, make calls to your contacts, and host and schedule video calls and meetings—all within Bigin.

Crunch numbers with Dashboards

Stay on top of your performance so you know just how much you've been crushing it and how many requests you've fulfilled. And—what's more—you can even create your own dashboards with a variety of customizable charts and tables.

A pipeline which perfectly mimics
your product roadmap

Bigin's pipeline is a sensation in the small business world, so we decided to double-down on our most important feature to provide a pipeline that covers all the key stages of the product development process. You can also further customize your pipelines and stages anytime.

Here are the stages of a typical product roadmap deal in a pipeline:

This pipeline depicts the stages of product development.

Create custom fields to
store all relevant information

One size never fits all, so don't compromise on your needs. Bigin's customizable fields enable you to store information relevant to your organization's product development process.

This module contains the details of a user's request.

What's more?

Make calls and send emails directly from Bigin

Need to make phone calls? Check. Need to send emails? Double check. And you're not just limited to calls; you can also host video calls and presentations without leaving the app. Alternatively, if you want to dial it down and keep everything over email, you can do that as well. Bigin comes with both IMAP and POP support, so you can integrate all the most popular email services and send and receive emails directly in Bigin.

Set up workflows and let Bigin deal with the daily routine

Here's how you can save even more time: Set up workflows in Bigin to automate a bunch of daily tasks, like adding a new customer to your client list, sending testimonial request emails to your customers, and much more.

Create multiple pipelines for various operations

Bigin covers other business operations as well. You can create multiple pipelines for different processes like case studies or app reviews, so you can monitor and visualize them all at once. And yes—you can customize stages and fields in all your other pipelines, too!

Connect all your favorite apps

Bigin seamlessly integrates with many top apps out there. From Google Workspace to Office 365, we have them all. You can also connect to a thousand more apps through Zapier, Zoho Flow, or our magical developer APIs.

Sell from anywhere within Bigin

The Bigin app for iOS and Android is easily one of the most useful CRM apps on the market. Track your projects, call your clients, and make moves on the go. With the Bigin app, you can take your business literally anywhere.

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All this for only $7 a month per user.

Stop pinching yourself, it's real!

Bigin is priced advantageously for small businesses to give them the right applications to grow and flourish. This will never change. At just $7 per month per user, Bigin provides all that you need and more, which makes it the best small business CRM in the world. Nothing else comes close.

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We have been using Bigin since July 2020. I think this CRM is ideal for small to medium size businesses. It is not overloaded with unusual features. They have kept it relatively simple which means you can get up and operating very quickly. You can personalize field names and add custom fields which makes the system more user friendly. I have used a number of CRM systems and I reviewed others before deciding on Bigin, which is easy to use meaning you can very quickly become productive. Overall I am very happy with this CRM.


Michael Robson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Netcare Technology


As a high growth start up, we have been able to scale our sales team efficiently through using Bigin, which helps us keep laser focused on the right sales to maintain our rapid growth. Automated workflows and activities enable the team to work at maximum efficiency and with consistent structure even when priorities are constantly juggled. The reporting function provides us with transparency on all business data weekly and monthly so we can draw insights and drive more success.


Sam Biggins, Commercial Director, Butlr

Yet another great product by Zoho. If you are looking for a simple, straight-forward CRM to maintain your sales pipeline, Bigin would be your best option to start with. Extremely easy to understand and easy to get started, without any friction, for the entire team. This tool is backed with an amazing support team at Zoho, and that makes it easier to experiment with new products.


Surabhi Shekhar, Solution Designer, Uncanny Vision


The general idea was to keep everything in one place and at an affordable price, and Bigin was very accessible that way, and with the ability to expand without switching CRMs


Joe Matz, Business Transformation Gapologist, Owner and Founder of APEX-able


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