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Why Software Consultancy firms need a CRM

Solutions which help digitalize tasks are in hot demand right now. And it only makes sense for skilled software consultants to capitalize on these opportunities by providing world-class solutions. There is no better way to draw in more clients than a good, reliable, practical CRM. CRMs keep your information organized, so you only see what's relevant to you and your clients, ultimately helping you win more clients and keep them forever.

A CRM template built just for Software Consultancy.

Bigin addresses all your needs with a business template made just for software and IT consultancy firms. Not only does Bigin fit your business perfectly, it is effortless to use and adapt to. Bigin is your best bet if you have a relatively small workforce. Don't believe us? Take a look at what it can do.

All your software consulting on one screen.

Bigin lets you bring all the different aspects of your business together. All your clients, ongoing deals, and activities are related to each other. So we brought them together as modules, the optimal way to store your information and run your business.

contact details of software consulting template in Bigin

Opportunities to grab

First things first, this is the pipeline that shows you all your prospects and clients neatly organized by the stage they're at in your process. You'll be able to keep track of your ongoing deals and immediately see how far along they are toward conversion.

A list of all your Clients

It is important but not always easy to keep up with your ever-growing list of clients, and with Bigin, it definitely will grow fast. The Clients module stores all your contacts so you can add clients as they come in and monitor them closely in Opportunities.

Partner with Companies

Things develop quickly with Bigin, and soon you'll be representing other businesses! If you're working with a group rather than an individual, you can store them in Bigin as companies.

A list of all your Products

Easily keep a list of all the products or services you sell to your clients. You can also link products to clients and their deals on the pipeline.

Make calls and create tasks and events with Activities

Set up tasks and events, make calls to your clients, and host and schedule video calls and meetings, all from Bigin.

Crunch numbers with Dashboards

Stay on top of your performance so you know just how much you've been crushing it. Bigin comes with dashboards that accurately report your performance with charts and tables. Want more? You can create your own dashboards and KPIs using a variety of charts and styles

A brilliant pipeline to track
your deals from start to finish

Our pipeline is based on a typical consulting deal, so you can start from the very basics like qualifying a lead to work with them, and progress sequentially to gathering requirements, creating price quotes, implementation of the solution, training, and finally bring it to a close with receiving payment. You can also customize this pipeline and its stages for your business's unique processes.

Here are the stages of a typical software consulting deal in a pipeline:

The full pipeline on Bigin's Software Consulting template displaying its many stages

Carefully customized fields to store
every last detail!

One size never fits all, so don't compromise on your needs. We studied a lot of IT and software consulting firms and how they operate, to help us understand what goes into making a successful deal, the details that need to be collected, and how a little streamlining can go a long way.

So we made changes to how you add information to Bigin to help make sure everything has the full context required for you, your client, and your project.

Custom fields in Bigin for Software Consulting.

Make calls and send emails directly from Bigin

Make calls and send emails directly from Bigin

Need to follow up with a prospect or client? Check. Need to make phone calls? Double check. Not only can you make and receive calls through Bigin, but you can also host video calls and presentations without switching apps! Alternatively, if you want to dial it down and keep everything over email, you can do that as well. Bigin comes with both IMAP and POP support, so you can integrate all the most popular email services and send and receive emails directly in Bigin.

Set up workflows and let Bigin deal with your daily routine

If you think all this might still not save you enough time, we have just the thing for you! You can set up workflows to perform a whole load of your day-to-day tasks automatically, like adding a new contact to the client list, sending welcome emails to new clients, and so much more.

Create multiple pipelines for all your operations

Your pipelines shouldn't stop with just your sales process. Maybe you have a whole another business operation or internal process that you need to monitor in stages. Like legal review, maybe? We've thought of that too! Bigin lets you create multiple pipelines alongside your sales pipeline to monitor and visualize your other processes. You can even customize the stages and fields to match the operation!

Connect to all your favorite apps

Bigin seamlessly integrates with other top business apps. From Google Workspace to MS Office 365, we have all that you need to natively connect and sell just from Bigin. You can also connect to thousands of more apps with Zapier, Zoho Flow, or our magical developer APIs.

Sell from anywhere with the Bigin app

The Bigin app for iOS and Android is hands down the best CRM app ever made. From monitoring your ongoing deals to crunching tasks, everything is designed to be easy on the go. With the Bigin app for your smartphone, you can take your work anywhere.

Got a friend looking for a CRM?

We've also tailored Bigin for a whole range of other businesses! Take a look!

All this for only $7 a month per user.

Stop pinching yourself, it's real!

Bigin is priced advantageously for small businesses to give them the right applications to grow and flourish. This will never change. At just $7 per month per user, Bigin provides all that you need and more, which makes it the best small business CRM in the world. Nothing else comes close.

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Don't take our word for it,
hear from people just like you.


I think this CRM is ideal for small to medium size businesses. It is not overloaded with unusual features. They have kept it relatively simple which means you can get up and operating very quickly. You can personalize field names and add custom fields which makes the system more user friendly.


Michael Robson Sales and Marketing Manager, Netcare Technology


I have been looking for a CRM that was easy-to-learn and use for my sales team, which was totally dependent on spreadsheets. With the Bigin, I am able to see the complete view of my sales. With Bigin, we are able to keep all emails attached to the contacts within CRM making the communications streamlined.


Ravi Sharma Founder, Webomaze


Other CRM vendors provide their tool free with limited access for a limited time frame that does not solve the problem. With Bigin, the barrier to entry is lower, and I'm sure this product will have a wider acceptance.


Sidhhartha Sarkar Senior Director & Sales Head, Technosoft Corp.


I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilize. I was worried if my assistants will able to learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick.


Anant Tikone Managing Director, Antech Microsystems


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