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Sales deals, support tickets, customer onboarding, order delivery, customer testimonials, contracts, and everything in between—Bigin is all you need to streamline your customer operations in one platform. Get started in under 30 minutes.

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Whether you're ready to move beyond spreadsheets or simply replace legacy CRM tools, any one can bigin their CRM journey and grow their business. Choose one of our pre-defined templates or simply get started by customizing the CRM for your business in no time.

Team Pipeline view in Bigin mobile
Team Pipeline view in Bigin
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Testimonials
Team Pipelines Sub Pipelines
  • Outbound Sales

  • Inbound Sales

  • User Adoption

  • License and Agreement

  • Technical Assistance

  • Email Request

  • Testimonials

  • Case Study

Let's face it—running a business is hard. Managing customer data with spreadsheets makes it harder.

The best way to use spreadsheets to manage customer relationships is not to use them. While it might be very tempting to fire up multiple spreadsheets and start tracking all your customer information from there, things can get very challenging as you grow.

Top reasons
why people switch from spreadsheets

  • 23% Poor customer data visibility.
  • 21% Data duplication and manual entry.
  • 18% Risk of losing data.
  • 16% Security concerns.
  • 12% Difficult to share data.
  • 10% Others.

CRM solutions:
The best way to manage
your customers

  • 41%Revenue increase per salesperson.
  • 27%Improvement in customer retention.
  • 300%Improvement in lead conversion rates.
  • 24%Decreased sales cycles.
  • 23%Decreased sales and marketing costs.
  • 41% Revenue increase per salesperson.
  • 27% Improvement in customer retention.
  • 300% Improvement in lead conversion rates.
  • 24% Decreased sales cycles.
  • 23% Decreased sales and marketing costs.

With Bigin as your CRM,
you can leave the heavy lifting to us
and focus on your customers

Bigin easily transforms your day-to-day customer processes into actionable pipelines. From qualifying leads to closing deals to managing important after-sales operations—Bigin connects your different teams to work together so that you can offer the best possible experience to your customers. Say goodbye to missing follow-ups, manual data entry, lack of team communication, and information silos. Just Bigin today!

  • Team Pipelines
  • 360-degree view
  • Multichannel
  • Automation
  • Fully mobile

Team Pipelines

This is an industry-first! We're redefining CRM by extending Bigin's pipelines to manage more than just sales. Unify all your customer-facing operations within a single Bigin account and experience the freedom of not relying on a bunch of complex tools to manage your business operations.

About Pipelines
Team Pipeline view in Bigin features Team PipelinesSub Pipelines

Get complete
customer context

Having every piece of customer information stored in your Bigin account means your customer-facing teams have access to a comprehensive picture of your leads and customers, thereby equipped to handle customer relations and interactions more effectively.

Customer Management

Communicate and
stay connected

Communication is the key to good customer relationships. To enable seamless communication with customers, Bigin supports multiple channels, including email, phone calls, WhatsApp, social media, meetings and forms.

Multichannel Communication
Omnichannel communication Omnichannel communication mob

Never repeat.
Just automate.

Do your routine tasks make you feel like you're stuck in a rut? With Bigin's easy-to-create workflows, free yourself from monotony and focus on crucial decisions that require your attention.

More On Automation
Steps is creating workflow automation Steps is creating workflow automation mobile

CRM on the go

Agility in operations and decision-making is crucial for small and micro businesses, which is why Bigin is committed to being mobile-first. Enjoy the convenience of having complete access to business information wherever you go, anytime you need it.

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Bigin plays well
with all your favorite applications

Synergize via built-in integrations
with third-party and Zoho apps

You can also pair up with 5,000+ apps
through Zapier and Zoho Flow.

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Bigin's highly extensive developer platform to connect to any external source
Developer Center developer center

More reasons to try Bigin today

  • easy to use
    Easy to use

    You don't need any prior experience with a CRM to make Bigin work for you. Bigin is easy and is designed to simply work on its own.

  • easy on your pocket
    Easy on your pocket

    We can safely say that we are the most affordable CRM in the market right now, with a price of $7/user/month (billed annually).

  • easy on platform
    Easy on any platform

    Bigin's globally acclaimed interface and design is optimised for faster actions and frictionless user experiences across both web and mobile devices.

Rated as the best CRM for small businesses by experts

Bigin is an innovative SMB-focused approach to CRM that should satisfy the requirements of even the smallest businesses while providing a cohesive pipeline-based layout and workflow. Bigin's fresh and intuitive user interface is a delight to use, and its pricing along with its easy upgrade path to the rest of the Zoho ecosystem make it an exceptional value.

Brent Leary,CRM Industry Analyst and Small Business Advisor

Many SMBs rely heavily on spreadsheets to run their business. And, while spreadsheets are great for managing numbers, they aren't great at managing relationships with customers. Which is why using a service like Bigin—built specifically to help very small businesses find, catch and keep customers—can improve the likelihood of creating great customer relations

While searching for the correct CRM solution, many small business owners must sacrifice functionality for cost savings as many CRM solutions will lock essential features behind additional subscription costs. Recently, Zoho unveiled a new CRM solution that brings essential CRM functionalities to small businesses at an extremely affordable cost.

  • 9.3/10
  • 5/5
  • 4.6/5
  • 5/5
  • 4.5/5
  • 4.6/5
G2 Small Business Leader Winter 2023
capterra bestvalue award
G2 Small Business Easiest to use Winter 2023
Capterra Best Ease of Use 2022
PCMag Editors Choice
Getapp Leaders 2022
Capterra Shortlist 2022
Software Advice Front Runners 2022
Capterra Shortlist 2022
Software Advice Front Runners 2022
Capterra Shortlist 2022
Software Advice Front Runners 2022

Bigin is already loved by 20,000+ customers,
and you'll love it, too!

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There is no other CRM at this value proposition. Bigin CRM completely meets our requirements. We could immediately see the value addition. More power to Bigin by Zoho CRM!

Cerin PathroseDeputy Manager (Marketing), Nitta Gelatin India Limited

Bigin is reasonably priced and easy to set up. It integrates with a lot of other products via Zapier. It is a great solution to get our small company started without breaking the bank.

Tim McKendrickCEO, Camp Lender

The most simple CRM to start with! One-stop point for all your clients interactions The best integrations!

Asma AlaouiManaging Partner, AKP

My experience with the Bigin CRM and training team has been beyond expectation. I feel blessed to have found a CRM that is easy to use and has thought of every aspect of my clients journey to be at my fingertips! I can finally see the dream of being able to run my business somewhat remotely, becoming more of a reality.

Bita PouyafarCEO Pristine Energy

Bigin is very user friendly. It helps with keeping track of sales & deliveries.I really like the part of adding Notes as it helps my team follow up on the different stages of where the sales and deliveries are.

Shamsa NakasiOperations Associate, Edcorp International Company Limited

Bigin has helped our organization accurately track our transactions and enhanced our communication with our clients and within the organization.

Omobola AyoolaBDM, Joe Etoniru & Associates

The value that Zoho provides is outstanding. Bigin is both powerful and intuitive to use.

Tomas Acton Managing Director,2x Digital & IT Solutions

The most user-friendly software that I have come across. A perfect package for non-technical users to start off with. With a non-technical mindset, it has been effortless to hop on to Bigin.

Thomas George Managing Director,DT Consultancy

Pretty good cheap CRM. One of the best Deal Management CRMs out there. A total value for money.

Dhruva SisodiaPrincipal Owner, Suniti Motors

We're hooked on Bigin! With the option to handle multiple pipelines, our team has utmost clarity on the statuses of deals we are in work with. For our on-field representatives, the mobile app has been a game-changer, to say the least. Daily tasks were never easier, thanks to the activity module and dashboards. We are OBSESSED with Bigin!

Anurag AgarwalAssociate Business Development Manager, RoaDo

As a very early stage startup, we were looking for a CRM which is easy to set up and use and which gives some flexibility of configuration while being cost-efficient. With, Bigin by Zoho CRM, we were able to find the right balance.

Rahul ZutshiCEO & Chief Digital Marketing Strategist Zohort

Bigin is easy, its fun and provides the information we need to manage our pipeline, sales and clients.

Michelle BooysenSales Lead, Petanque NXT

Bigin is a very complete CRM. Bigin definitely is helping our organization to manage our sales process and to closing more deals!

Victor Salazar Business Development,SBE International Holdings

I chose 'Bigin' because of their value and incredible superior customer service. They really care about small-to-medium sized organizations like ours, whether you're very CRM experienced or lightly so. Every business needs a CRM these days. 'Bigin' really presents a better value and are quite robust yet simple to use. Very pleased!

Rubais Rahman Co-Founder,Famebix

Bigin is exactly what we needed to start. It's simple enough to quickly get a grasp of how it works and at the same time has everything you need to start building your small business. It helps you keep on top of things and organize your work. Since I've started with Bigin 2 months ago we already had a 100% increase in shops we sell our product to.

SanjaOrders Information, Kis in kvas