The Notification API is a webhook-based tool that enables you to send instant notifications to a web URL of your choice when specific events occur in Bigin records. This API is highly customizable, allowing you to choose which events to monitor and where to send the notifications. You have the flexibility to define the web URL that serves as your notification webhook. Additionally, it facilitates efficient implementation by allowing you to create unique channel IDs, set expiry time for notifications, and enable or disable notifications per your preferences.

Example Scenario

Let's see how the Notification API works with Bigin using the following scenario:

Suppose you're managing the product inventory using Products module records in your Bigin account, where you've implemented the Notification API to maintain real-time updates in your inventory system. Here's how it works:

  1. Webhook trigger - The Notification API is configured to trigger a webhook event whenever changes occur in Products module records.
  2. Event (action) - A sales team member makes a sale and updates the product quantity in Bigin's Products module.
  3. Instant notification - The API instantly sends a notification to a preconfigured web URL connected to your inventory management system.
  4. Inventory update - Upon receiving the webhook notification, your inventory management system processes the data, updating both the product quantity and stock status.

With the Notification API, your Bigin account seamlessly communicates with your inventory system, ensuring efficient inventory management.

The Notification API allows the following endpoints: