Topping Review Process

This section helps you understand the topping review process and better prepare for topping's successful submission to Bigin Marketplace.

The Bigin Marketplace team meticulously conduct topping review process to protect Bigin end-users from buggy and malware toppings and malicious practices. After you submit a topping to the marketplace, the submitted topping is added to an internal review process. The submission undergoes a careful critical review to ensure the integrity, validity, and functionality of the topping. You can track the status and progress of your topping review submission through your Partner Console account.

Stages of the review process

There are four stages in the review process. The marketplace team runs the following stages one after other:

  1. Technical review: Improves the quality of toppings. At this stage, the marketplace team reviews the code and checks for any potential bugs.
  2. Functionality review: Improves the functioning and performance of toppings. At this stage, the marketplace team gets your topping up and running in a test environment to ensure the functioning and performance of your topping are roughly similar to what it claims.
  3. Security review: Improves the security of toppings. At this stage, the marketplace team reviews topping to protect from any security-related issues or threats. Also, ensures the topping complies with Bigin's security standards.
  4. Content review: Improves the quality of the submission and intrigues customers to install your topping. At this stage, the marketplace team reviews the content such as descriptions, key features, video demos, and important links. The content specified while submitting your topping must conform with Bigin Marketplace's listing requirements.

If your topping submission fails in any of the above stages, the marketplace review team sends back an email with a detailed report outlining the reasons and changes to be made. After you incorporate and test the changes, resubmit your topping to the marketplace team to continue with the review process.

Track your topping review status

You can track your topping submission through Partner Console, and review the status and progress of your topping.

To track your topping review status, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Bigin Marketplace ↗, and then sign in.
  2. On the top-right corner of the home page, click the Profile icon, and then select Partner Console.
  3. Navigate to the Apps page. The list of submitted toppings appears.
  4. To check the status of the topping, click the topping to view the detailed review flow outlining the status.

The Inbox section in Partner Console displays all your messages and conversations with the marketplace team. Any messages from the marketplace team about the app review or approval will be in your inbox.

Listing your topping

The marketplace team lists your topping on Bigin Marketplace only if your submitted topping meets the following criteria:

  • The topping must work exactly as described.
  • The topping must not degrade the performance of an existing system on which the topping is installed.
  • The topping must be compliant with the OWASP protocol ↗.
  • The topping must not misuse data from the Bigin account on which it is installed. You must explicitly describe all data transfers during and after installation and the data transfer must only occur with the user's consent.
  • You must provide proper documentation to guide the user through installation, setup, and benefits of using your topping. The documentation you provide can be any of the following formats such as text, videos, or slides and you must host this documentation.
  • The topping listing page must not advertise any apps, products, or services.
  • If your submitted topping allows integration of third-party service which requires a separate account (free or paid), it must be clearly outlined in the topping's listing page.

After careful review, your topping gets listed on Bigin Marketplace. This process usually takes around a couple of weeks. However, If the submitted topping doesn't meet the above criteria, you will receive an email outlining the detailed report and status of the submission. You can make the necessary changes and resubmit your topping.

If you have questions about the process or need clarification, you can send an email to