Keep your records consistent and complete

Does your CRM sometimes have records with crucial pieces of information missing? With stage transition rules, you can set mandatory fields of information that need to be secured from your leads before they can cross a specific stage in the customer journey.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Ensure regularity and consistency of deals entered across the organization.
  • Eliminate the possibility of your CRM records missing crucial information.
  • Retain overall control while continuing to delegate core operations.
  • Make certain fields mandatory for specific stages.

You may not be a fan of rules, but you're gonna love these.

Screen displaying the option to create new rule

Keep your records consistent

Decide what details are vital for your operations and maintain uniformity across all customer records.

Setting a new stage transition rule

Rule out records with insufficient data

The right kind of transition rules ensure that your records are complete with all the details that you may need in the future. In other words, you eliminate the chances of having customer records with incomplete details.

Choice of fields while setting transition rules

Set the rules for any stage of your choice

While some details are necessary, your team members may only have access to such information at a fairly advanced stage of the customer's journey. For this reason, you can determine the stage at which you want to set each rule. This decision can be based on multiple factors, including the nature of the business opportunity, quality of your lead, the data you want to secure, and much more.

The choice of stages for setting a new rule

Transform your business with transition rules!

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