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Thanks to its popularity, ease of use, and accessibility, WhatsApp has become a popular means of communication between customers and businesses. From placing new orders and inquiring about the products and services you offer to raising issues and clarifying concerns, your customers can reach out to you for a variety of reasons! By enabling Bigin's WhatsApp integration, you can respond to messages promptly, maintain chat history linked to a contact, and process your customers' requirements expeditiously—all while leveraging Bigin's boundless capabilities.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Engage in WhatsApp conversations without leaving Bigin.
  • Link your complete chat history to contact records.
  • Add and update WhatsApp contacts in Bigin.
  • Combine convenient messaging with a
    feature-rich CRM.
  • Initiate conversations with customizable templates.
  • Locate chats instantly.

Communicate via WhatsApp without leaving Bigin

Let's say your customer has reached out via WhatsApp, inquiring about the status of an order they placed. You switch to a spreadsheet or a CRM, go through your entire contact list, locate the required information, switch back to WhatsApp, and then find that customer's chat so you can share the requested information. Sounds like a total productivity killer right? Well, it is! Bigin's integration with WhatsApp is just what you need to weed out these unnecessary steps.

This integration introduces the convenience and familiarity of messaging to your CRM, thus strengthening its functionality. You can now reply to the messages your customers initiate via WhatsApp and manage your conversations with them, all while having access to all the information you need in the same window.

An open chat in the Messages module

Streamline contact management

Manually adding or updating contact information in your CRM every time a customer or prospect reaches out to you via WhatsApp is unproductive and error-prone. The Messages module puts an end to this tedious process.

When you receive a message from a new number, Bigin will automatically create a record. Every record of a contact, company, or deal in a pipeline has its own dedicated Messages tab. Message your customers and view your entire chat history without losing sight of the records that hold the information you need.

Messages tab in the Contacts module

Use templates to initiate fruitful conversations with your customers

From sending welcome messages and payment reminders to sharing order status updates, you can do it all with WhatsApp templates. Create highly customizable and personalized messages and share them with your customers and prospects to engage with them proactively.

Use templates to initiate fruitful conversations

Quick replies for shorter response times

Use the Quick Replies feature to curate responses to frequently asked questions, common requests, and other recurring messages your customers send. Relying on a ready-made response doesn't mean you have to lose your personal touch. By inserting a merge field, you can add each contact's unique name and phone number.

Creating a quick reply

Manage your messages and CRM from the same place

Swiftly and effortlessly manage your conversations and the actions associated with them. You can also create and associate notes with each message. View and edit information related to the contact, send emails, and perform other quick actions using the panel on the right.

Received a new order via WhatsApp? A customer has an issue with your product? The Add Pipeline Record option enables you to create new record based on the received message in the relevant pipeline for further processing.

Adding a record to a pipeline based on a message

Maintain data security and provide your customers with the best assistance

Bigin offers two levels of user permissions: view and view and reply. Give the appropriate level of access to users in each profile, thus ensuring that only qualified and responsible individuals interact with your prospects and customers.

Bigin automatically assigns owners to each new message on a round-robin basis in order to provide each message with the attention it deserves.

Add profiles to each permission level

Identify the required message in seconds

Based on your assignment rules, messages are sorted between the My Chats and All Chats views, making it easier for users to access the messages for which they're responsible.

Additionally, you can filter out messages based on specific criteria, like the date of the conversation, assigned user, and status.

 Filter out chats based on specific criteria

Have more questions about our latest integration?
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions!

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What are the pre-requisites for enabling the WhatsApp integration in Bigin?

To successfully integrate WhatsApp with Bigin, you need a Facebook Business Manager account, a verified business, a WhatsApp Business account, and a valid registered phone number.

How can I integrate WhatsApp with Bigin?

The WhatsApp integration is easy to set up and easier to use. Follow the steps in this link to get started now.

How much will this integration cost me?

Each WhatsApp Business Account gets 1,000 free service conversations each month, one conversation being a 24-hour message thread between you and your customer. Once exhausted, the user can either manually buy credits or opt for auto-recharge. One credit is equivalent to $2 USD, and with 40 credits, you can send 10,000 outgoing messages. Please check this link for more details.

Can I link more than one WhatsApp number to my Bigin account?

Currently, we support one WhatsApp channel (i.e., one phone number) in Bigin. But don't worry; we're currently working on providing support for multiple WhatsApp channels.

Trusted by 20,000+ small businesses globally

I have been looking for a CRM that was easy-to-learn and use for my sales teams who were totally dependent on spreadsheets. With the Bigin, I am able to see the complete view of my sales. Unlike Excel, I can set up customized dashboards to see various types of data including: daily, weekly, and monthly sales, total open leads that need my attention, etc. I am delighted with the product and super happy with the awesome support team.

We decided to transform ourselves for the post COVID era and our data was scattered over multiple excel files among so many people. We decided to invest in a CRM that would be easy for our team to use. Bigin suited our requirements as it was easy to use, cost effective and provided us with simple dashboards. We are happy to start our journey with Bigin which is helping us consolidate and clean our database. I am sure once we are through with our initial activity of data capturing and cleaning, Bigin will give us a boost in our marketing and sales efforts.

It's absolutely awesome to use Bigin. We are now able to manage our business and customer conversations in a smarter way, for which we were looking for a CRM system previously. Real-time history of a conversation with multiple searching options makes it comfortable, even for entry-level incumbents. At a glance, the dashboard view is an excellent one for any decision-maker. Thanks for a great product and the support we have had from the Bigin team

Ravi SharmaFounder, Webomaze
Prafuul P KakaraddiCEO, Tristar Engineering & Chemical Co
Mohammad Rashedul IslamCFO, Mim Technologies Ltd.
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Receive, respond to, and record WhatsApp messages without leaving Bigin

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