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small businesses

Bigin knows exactly what your small business needs and offers a wide array of easy-to-use features designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. With one click, you can start winning more deals by signing up for a free trial. It only takes 30 minutes to set up your account and start selling. As you try Bigin and learn how it works, you'll gain a clearer understanding of how it can help your business. It's time to switch to a smart CRM that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

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Major limitations of

Activity visibility

In, viewing the activity status of a deal is restricted to a maximum of one week. In Bigin, you can track the history of a deal without any time restriction.

Lack of automation

Automating daily tasks can save a lot of time. offers no automation at all for individual and basic plans.

No built-in telephony

Bigin has built-in telephony, which enables you to make and receive calls within the CRM. doesn't offer this feature.

Quotes and invoices

You can integrate Bigin and Zoho Invoice for free to get free invoicing functionality, even if you use the free version of Bigin. only offers this feature in their standard plan.

Far fewer integrations

Bigin's free plan enables countless third party app integrations, whereas only integrates with a few apps.

Email integration

Simply integrate Bigin into your email application and enjoy features like email insights, email templates, and instant notifications when you receive emails—all at an affordable price.

No purchasing flexibility's standard version is $10, but you'll have to pay for three users even if you're the only person using the CRM. Meanwhile, Bigin's Express version is only $7 and Bigin wont ask you for extra chargers even if you are the only person using it.

Limited contact and
deal management

With Bigin you can get clear visibility of your deals as it is centralized in one place.With, this visibility and easy accessibility of your deals is only available in the standard version, which costs $10 per month, while Bigin offers it for free.

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Here's a list of features that Bigin offers for your business:

Multiple pipelines
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Workflow automation
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Built-in telephony
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Mobile app for iOS & Android
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Multiple pipeline
spreadsheets automation workflows in Bigin
custom dasboard
Built-in telephony in BiginBuilt-in telephony call in Bigin
Integrations for your sales tracking in Bigin
Grade security
mobile sales management with Bigin
mobile view
mobile sales management with Bigin vs. Bigin

  • Features
  • BiginFree
  • monday.comFree
  • BiginExpress
  • monday.comBasic
  • BiginPremier
  • monday.comStandard
  • Features
  • Integrations
    (Connecting your CRM to external applications)
  • Automation
  • Email templates
  • Built-in telephony
  • Find & merge duplicate data
  • Email tracking & automation
  • Gmail and Outlook Integration
  • Products
    (Oversee the complete life cycle of the product or service that you provide to your customers.)
  • PhoneBridge Marketplace
  • Developer Platform
    (External developers can build their own toppings for Bigin.)
  • Dashboards & reports
    (View your data on different types of charts and graphs)
  • Audit logs
  • Twitter integration
  • Quotes & invoices
  • Tags
  • Mass email
  • Stage transition Rules
    (Stage transition rules make certain fields mandatory for the record to meet the requirements to progress to the next stage.)
  • Office 365
  • Google Contacts & Calendar
  • Multi Currency
  • Constant Contact Integration
  • BiginFree
  • monday.comFree
  • one board per dashboard
  • one week
  • BiginExpress
  • monday.comBasic
  • 10 dashboards
  • one board per dashboard
  • one week
  • Zoho Invoice
  • BiginPremier
  • monday.comStandard

  • 20 dashboards
  • Combine up to 5 boards
  • six months

All you need to take your business to the next level

Bigin is the right choice for your small business and is trusted by over 7,500 small businesses globally. We want to help you scale up your business and achieve constant growth. And in the future, if your business needs more than what Bigin can offer, you can always switch to Zoho CRM or Zoho CRM Plus. We're here to help you at every milestone your business reaches.

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

I'm self-employed and I run a design, printing, and marketing business. I wear all the hats when it comes to my business, so I need tools that help me automate and track everything that goes on day-to-day. I have been looking for a simple CRM for the last 3 years. During that time, all I found were apps with way too many features that came with a hefty price tag. When I started using Bigin, I loved how easy it was to use, and it had a clean and organized interface. The ability to sync my other apps with it using Zoho Flow was a big plus. One of the best things is they made it affordable. I look forward to being seeing how Bigin evolves and helps me run my business better.

Bigin is easy to use for a growing organisation like Ammacus. The platform is very intuitive and saves time on double entering information and has saved us many hours in lost productivity. As an early adopter of Bigin, we look forward to continued new applications & developments to make the platform even better than it is today. In addition, we have received fantastic client support when it was required.

Bigin is exactly what we needed at our growing real estate company. We had looked into many CRM services but all of them were either too costly with features we didn’t yet need; too complicated to set up; or too simplistic. Zoho Bigin has been amazing. I watched one instruction video from the YouTube channel and I was ready to set up. It’s so simple to navigate that we were up and running on day 2. Customer support has also been great. I’ve received quick responses to all my queries. Just stellar all the way.

I am a huge fan of Bigin. I have literally spent years trying to find a solution like this so that I could track all of my clients. I have two different business entities with differing needs for each. This has made it challenging. I tried different apps that are made for larger businesses and they were not as user friendly as Bigin. Plus, the costs were too high for me. I recommend Bigin to everyone I know. I have been a customer since October of 2020 and I could not be happier with this application.

I have been using Bigin since almost it was launched and I must say this is one of the most simple yet very effective tools for entrepreneurs. The Deals module helps me stay on top of my plans and closures. The leads are easy to add, track and follow-up, due to which I feel much in control of my marketing process. Assigning tasks and calls have taken my follow-ups to the next level. I love Bigin's web, Mac and iOS interfaces and I find them very intuitive and easy to use. Thank you Zoho for creating this CRM and making my life so simple.

Krista Guerrero,Owner, Kreative Design/Marketing
Craig Aspey, Managing Director, Ammacus
Aika-Grace Wangwe,Assistant, Goshen Acquisitions Ltd.
Susan Carpenter,Owner, Life's Doors Meditation
Gagan Kapoor,Chief Marketing Consultant , Go4growth Consulting
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Expert reviews and ratings

  • Rating Platform
  • CRM
  • Bigin
  • 4.0
  • 4.7/5

  • Ease of Use
  • 9.1
  • 9.4/10

  • Ease of Setup
  • 8.8
  • 9.1/10

  • 3.5/5[Good]

    " helps teams manage their tasks and workflows.An attractive interface and high level of customization don't make up for its confusing pricing, though." - PCMag review of CRM

  • 4.0/5


    "Bigin by zoho CRM is a solid pipeline-based CRM solution for small business that is equally effective on PCs and on mobile devices." - PCMag review of Bigin by Zoho CRM

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