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  • Bigin redefines efficiency with the latest Samsung updates

Bigin redefines efficiency with the latest Samsung updates

  • Last Updated : August 8, 2023
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We're pleased to announce that Bigin's partnership with Samsung is continuing, and it feels like an exciting sequel. In this iteration, we've meticulously enhanced the Bigin app to cater specifically to Fold and tablet devices. Building on the success of our previous collaboration, both brands are once again pushing the boundaries.

Given the impact of Samsung's devices in the Android realm, our desire has been to support Bigin users who rely on Samsung Fold devices and tablets for their business endeavors. Additionally, we understand the importance of leveraging DeX capabilities to enhance multi-screen functionality and ensure a comprehensive user experience. We've therefore worked diligently towards that end in our most recent update to Bigin.

Let's dive right in.

Discover the bliss of hassle-free writing

Let's first talk about the perks of writing using a stylus in Bigin. Say goodbye to old text input methods; with a stylus in hand, you can scribble search queries in the search bar and fill in form fields within Bigin's user-friendly interface just as effortlessly. Embrace the ease of a streamlined text input experience and give your typing fingers a well-deserved break now and then. Grab that stylus and start writing in Bigin!

Simplify your workflow with intuitive gestures

Building upon stylus functionality, we've gone a step further by incorporating intelligent actions and gestures, all to ensure greater convenience when managing your deals and tasks. With just a simple check (✔) or cross (✗) mark gesture, you can easily indicate their status. And that's not all—we've gone even further! Drawing left (←) and right (→) arrows on your desired pipeline records allows you to move them smoothly between stages. These gestures are exactly as straightforward as they sound—no unnecessary digital acrobatics required.

Embrace the efficiency of keyboard shortcuts

For our tablet users who prefer keyboards, we've introduced a wide array of convenient shortcuts in Bigin. These little time-savers allow for seamless module switching and quick access to various features and functionalities. Need to find something? Bigin's shortcuts simplify the search process. Also, creating new records is now effortless. So embrace the ease and speed keyboard shortcuts offer as you navigate through Bigin.

With Samsung and Bigin working together to push boundaries, Android users can anticipate a seamless and user-friendly experience on their favorite devices, enhancing efficiency and providing a more convenient approach to conducting business remotely.

So get ready to leverage the power of these new features and take your work to new heights with the latest update to Bigin—download now!

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