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  • Five noteworthy Zapier integrations for Bigin that'll boost your productivity to new heights

Five noteworthy Zapier integrations for Bigin that'll boost your productivity to new heights

  • Last Updated : August 8, 2023
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Running a small business is no joke. It means managing many different things at once, taking care of your daily operations and, of course, juggling between multiple business apps to get your work done. When it comes to business apps, the problem at hand is loud and clear. The recent proliferation of cloud apps means that there is an app for anything and everything to make your life simpler as a business owner. Collecting payments, booking an appointment in your calendar, hosting a form on your website, managing customer information, sending emails campaigns... You might be using a whole range of different apps to keep your day-to-day operations going.

Did you know that on an average, small firms of up to 50 employees use between 25-50 SaaS solutions?

Putting things into perspective, that's data generated from 16 different sources, each helping you do some part of your work. But the challenge is how you can connect these different data sources so that you can get the maximum value out of them. The answer is Zapier.

What is Zapier?

For those just discovering Zapier for the first time, here's a quick introduction. Zapier is one of the most comprehensive app integration platforms available for small businesses with over 3000 apps available to be connected instantly.

And the good news?Bigin fully integrates with Zapier to provide our small business customers a reliable integration tool that connects all their different apps together and enables them to set up flows that improve their productivity at work. Since we launched, Zapier has been one of our most used integrations and we've seen how businesses have easily adopted the platforms to automate some of their core customer-centric operations.

We wanted to show you how Bigin and Zapier can work hand-in-hand to solve some of your pressing needs in your day-to-day business process. Today, we present some of the most popular integrations that are used by our customer community which have been helping them power their CRM usage to newer heights. We think you should do it too!

Bigin Zapier Integration

Bigin + Facebook Lead Ads

The world can't live without advertising. And advertising, when done right, can add great value to businesses and can bring them closer to their target audience in no time.  Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular advertising mediums used by millions of small businesses across the world. A typical sales process starts with getting leads into your system all the way through to winning and keeping the customer happy with your product or service. So, it's important that you set up a process to follow up with your leads and there's nothing better than a CRM to do exactly that. With the help of Zapier, you can directly push incoming leads into Bigin and automatically create a new contact or deal for them. It's that easy!

Bigin and Facebook Lead Ads integration

Bigin + Calendly

You often encounter scenarios where your calendar and CRM applications simply don't talk to each other and, as a result, you end up missing some key appointments with customers. The sheer volume of having to deal with so many customers and prospects make solutions like Calendly an instant hit among businesses and they quickly become the single source of truth for everything related to appointments and event invites. Unless this data is synced with your CRM, you might have to go back to square one and rethink your calendar strategy again. Thanks to Zapier, you can automate scheduling for deals on your pipeline, create new events, or update a deal whenever a new event invite is created in Calendly.

Bigin and Calendly Integration through Zapier

Bigin + Microsoft Teams

Remote communication and collaboration have become the order of the day ever since the pandemic struck the world early last year. With Microsoft Teams, businesses found a strong and robust communication tool that came free of cost with their Microsoft account. Many of our customers use Microsoft Teams and they have all quickly adapted to remote selling by integrating it with Bigin through Zapier. Now, deals are closed and celebrated together and the right sales reps are automatically notified of new tasks through direct messages. The power of remote sales collaboration is here to stay, thanks to effortless automation between Bigin and Zapier.

Bigin and Microsoft Teams integration through Zapier

Bigin + Quickbooks

There is no doubt that Quickbooks is one of the most popular bookkeeping solutions among the small businesses community. Linking their CRM and accounting solutions means the world for many businesses, especially when they deal with a large number of customers on a day-to-day basis. The horror of manual entry, with its risks of incorrect data entry, is not the way to handle your customers' financial information. This is why customers value being able to update both systems simultaneously and avoid copying and pasting information across them manually. For example, whenever a new contact is added in Bigin, they can be added automatically as new customers in Quickbooks so that all their financial and customer information is always in perfect sync.

Bigin and Quickbooks integration through Zapier

Bigin + Google Sheets

While spreadsheets are no longer the go-to tool for your customer management needs, they are still widely used by different teams for a variety of reasons. From planning your office trips to taking orders for your next team lunch, who doesn't sometimes rely on this evergreen all-purpose tool? Spreadsheets can still offer you decent levels of reporting that are sufficient for some purposes in most businesses. You can export your data from Bigin to your spreadsheet and automatically create a new entry whenever a deal or contact is created in Bigin. Or, the other way around: if you are using your Google Sheets as a lightweight database before you push the information to CRM, you can efficiently create, search, or update this information in your CRM. Works both ways, in a number of ways.

Bigin and Google Sheets integration through Zapier

Like what you see? You are only a step away from creating your own Zaps in Bigin

Nobody likes having their data in silos and we certainly don't want you to end up spending the majority of your time doing tedious manual work. That's why we've integrated with Zapier to help you connect your apps in no time and in real-time, without any coding required.

Simply head over to Settings > Integrations and select Zapier. Before you start, you need to check out these awesome zaps that we've pre-built for you so you can get up and running in no time.

So, what are you automating today? Let us know in the comments section. Thank you!

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