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  • iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: Bigin is better, and more essential than ever to small businesses.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: Bigin is better, and more essential than ever to small businesses.

  • Last Updated : August 8, 2023
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Apple made a lot of exciting announcements at the WWDC 2021: New features to leverage the power of on-device intelligence, new tools to bridge the performance gap between devices in the Apple ecosystem, and important enhancements for better functionality and performance all round. And so, without wasting any time, our developers got to work to integrate the latest in Apple technology with the best version of Bigin yet.

Bigin is now ready for you on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. This new update will make your work even more seamless and efficient with features and tools to help you run your business on the go.

Here are some of the updates we're talking about!

Widgets get a major upgrade

Bigin's widgets are now smarter and more secure. They're no longer just sitting on your home screen displaying information. They can pop up automatically in your Smart Stack with information from your schedule such as meetings, calls, and other activities. And they're more secure than ever, because you can now keep them tucked away in the Today View when your device is locked.

All-new Pipeline view for the iPad

iPad users rejoice! Now, for the first time, you can enjoy the Pipeline View widget on your device. Bonus: it's extra large! With this iPad-exclusive size option, you can display more information on the home screen of your iPad without compromising on readability, functionality, or visual appeal. From overseeing all aspects of your deals to controlling how and when they move through your pipelines, you can handle all your processes with total ease from your home screen.

Live Text

On iOS 15, you can fill in a text box without typing a word.
Bigin is fully integrated with Live Text, which means you can scan text instead of typing it in. This feature works so well, you might not even have to type at all.

You can use Live Text to fill in any text box in Bigin: fields, emails, notes, you name it. When you tap on a text box, it will automatically show you an option to scan text. This new feature comes in particularly handy when the text that you need to copy is in an image, a handwritten note, a company sign board, or even the screen of another device.

Drag and Drop

Apple has expanded drag-and-drop for iPhone users. If you're familiar with using this function on your iPhone, you know that drag-and-drop activity was limited to within a single app. But now, you can drag files from one app and drop them in another app, just like that. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can move images, text, and other documents from Photos, Notes, and Files into Bigin. Whether you need to attach a brochure from the Photos app to your email thread or pick selected text from a website to add to your notes on a customer, Bigin lets you take full advantage of this feature.

Focus and Notifications

We understand that it can be hard to manage a lot of notifications at once, so the good news is that Bigin is now fully adapted to Apple's new Notification Summary and Focus features. These brilliant features allow you to manage when and how you receive your notifications.

Here's how these features work in a nutshell. Notification Summary shows all your notifications in one place as a helpful summary, so you can check them all at once. You can choose how often these summaries are delivered. Focus is a tool that helps you stay in the zone, no matter what you're doing. You can choose which notifications you want to see depending on your activity: work, play, or sleep. For example, if you are working, Focus will only show work-related notifications.

With Notification Summary you can keep tabs on all your Bigin notifications from one place, at your convenience. This can also do wonders for reducing screen clutter.

While Focus is on, non-urgent Bigin notifications will be delivered silently to your phone. You can expect to be interrupted only when time-sensitive notifications need to get your attention—a call reminder, for example.

Quick Note

In this update, the iPad gets a brand new note-taking feature called Quick Note. It's so easy to use! You don't have to close any screens or open the Notes app anymore—just pull up Quick Note from anywhere in Bigin and jot down your thoughts as they come!

You can also include a link in your note to help you recall the context of your work and pick up exactly where you left off.

With every update, we retain the familiar look and simplicity that makes Bigin great, while giving you powerful new tools to get more done on every device. We’ve made some big improvements to empower you to take on all your business tasks with confidence! And you can't do that if you don't Bigin!

So get started right away! Download Bigin from the App store today!

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