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Do you like toppings on your pizza or ice cream? What about some for your CRM? Toppings are the perfect way to make great things even better. Bigin's toppings offer enhanced CRM functionalities while retaining what's at the core of Bigin: simplicity.

Pick the capabilities you want and enjoy a CRM that serves your needs.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Customize your Bigin account by adding the specific features and functionalities that your business needs.
  • Enhance your capabilities and get more done through your CRM without compromising on Bigin's simplicity.
  • Make your CRM more comprehensive by selecting toppings that best suit your business.

Enhance your CRM experience

Imagine a scoop of ice cream. Now, as much as you may enjoy the ice cream, wouldn't you love it more if you could add some chocolate chips, sprinkles, gummies, nuts, or chocolate sauce? That's the idea behind Bigin's toppings.

Bigin is the perfect solution for starting your business off on its CRM journey, but as your operations expand and your customer base grows, your business may come upon some additional and more specific requirements from your CRM. Bigin accommodates these requirements with toppings that offer a variety of capabilities and functionalities. Select the toppings that serve your requirements and enhance your experience with Bigin.

A first glance at our toppings

We have an exciting list of toppings that our developers are currently working on, but here's a glimpse into the ones we've already launched to help you understand the advantages they offer.

Are you struggling to organize the emails received in multiple email aliases meant for all your teams? With the volume of emails you receive, updating them to your CRM can be chaotic and exhausting! Install Email-in and watch the emails received by all your teams automatically convert into records in your relevant team pipelines, with zero manual effort.

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Document sharing can't get any easier than this. No more endlessly scrolling through a hundred emails to find that one attachment your customer sent a week ago. With File Cabinet, all you need is a single link to share with your customers and they can upload the documents that you need. Once uploaded, the document permanently remains associated with the customer within your Bigin account. Learn more about this feature here.

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Build your own toppings and integrations

In addition to the toppings offered by Bigin, you can explore Bigin's Marketplace for more choices offered by independent third-party developers. If you are a developer with fantastic ideas for business solutions, Bigin offers you with opportunities to create toppings of your own, and build integrations with applications of your choice at the Developer Center. Once your toppings are developed and ready for use, you can get them published at the Bigin Marketplace and enjoy the opportunity to earn revenue based on the number of users who subscribe to your toppings.

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