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all-new Developer Center!

What makes Bigin unique is its simplicity and suitability for small businesses. But, Bigin also has a lot more to offer. With our brand new Developer Center, you can build your own new extensions, a.k.a. "toppings", develop new integrations with external applications, and customize Bigin to completely suit your business.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Extend Bigin's functionalities while retaining its core simplicity.
  • Build customized toppings that are unique and solution-oriented for businesses.
  • Develop new integrations with third-party applications using Bigin's APIs.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to earn by publishing your toppings in the Bigin Marketplace.

What are toppings?

While Bigin has the right amount of features to cater to most business requirements, it's only natural that businesses sometimes have unique requirements that go beyond what's offered. Our solution? Toppings! Toppings are installable niche features that enhance Bigin's native functionality. If you're a developer with fantastic ideas and the skill to build brand new solutions, the Developer Center is for you.

Create your own toppings

Your creative ideas for enhancing your CRM solution can come to life in the Bigin Developer Center. With our extensive range of developer tools and components, you can add new custom fields, related lists, create custom buttons and links, embed new widgets, and thus introduce fresh extensions and enhancements to your Bigin account.

Learn more about building toppings here. bigin developer center

Here's an example!

IndiaMart extension for Bigin
This extension, developed by EasyToCheck Software Solutions, automates the process of adding leads generated from IndiaMart as contacts to your Bigin account.

Learn more indiamart extension for bigin

Bigin's OpenAPIs

When your business relies on multiple applications, your customer information is scattered between different databases. Bigin offers APIs to facilitate data unification and enable bulk data export and retrieval across multiple applications. Third-party applications also use Bigin's APIs to connect to external data sources and seamlessly transfer data. Here are a couple of examples.

Pabbly Connect uses Bigin's APIs to integrate Bigin with other applications in the sales, email, and marketing fronts.

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Similarly, Make—formerly known as Integromat—has integrated Bigin with some of the most popular business applications and provides numerous advantages to automation.

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The Bigin Marketplace has it all!

If you're a Bigin user with specific requirements, check out our Marketplace, where we host a wide range of toppings and third-party integrations you can choose from. They're versatile, solution-oriented, and include integrations with some of your favorite applications, thereby enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Visit Marketplace bigin marketplace

Psst... Are you ready to hear the best part? Monetize your toppings with Bigin's Marketplace!

Build a topping of your own and get rewarded by Bigin! We'd love to publish your toppings in the Bigin Marketplace and get them in front of our ever-growing customer base of thousands of businesses. Set your own prices and earn revenue when users subscribe to your toppings. Not only is this an earning opportunity, but you can also help transform the CRM experience of numerous users through your innovative ideas..

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Hear it from the creators who have loved this feature!

The experience with the Developer Center, starting from conceptualising an app, development, testing and finally getting it published at the marketplace has been seamless. As an admin you can make changes to the subscription pricing with just one click. Prompt support was provided by the team whenever required!

Amit KumarFounder, EasytoCheck Software Solutions
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