Publishing Your Topping to Marketplace

Once you have completed the development of your topping, you can publish the topping and make it publicly available to all Bigin customers by listing it on Bigin Marketplace. However, first you must submit your topping for review process, and then clear the process to get your topping listed on the Bigin Marketplace.

Before you submit your topping for review, make sure you understand the requirements for listing a topping in the Bigin Marketplace.

To publish your topping to marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. On the developer console, after you create a topping, from the left pane, go to the Publish page.

    The Topping Details page appears.

  2. Click Publish. The Publish window appears with details of customizations and components that are included in your topping.
  3. On the Publish window, type the release notes details of a topping, and then click Confirm.

  4. Go to Bigin Developer Center.
  5. From the Published section, hover-over the topping you've just published in developer console window, and then click Topping Details icon.
  6. On the Topping Details page, click the Submit to MarketPlace button.

    The Marketplace Details window appears.

    Note: If you are submitting for the first time, you must create a company profile before you start submitting your topping to marketplace.

  7. On the Marketplace Details window, the Submit a new topping form requests you to provide primary, prerequisite, imagery, summary, and pricing details. Fill in the following details:
    • Integration with: Select a product with which the topping gets integrated. In this case, you need to select Bigin.
    • Category: Select a domain or industry the topping belongs to.
    • Name: Provide a name for the topping.
    • Name space: Generates automatically based on the given name of the topping.
    • Privacy policy of your topping: Provide the privacy policy URL of your topping.

      Also, for the Do your topping store any personal data? option, if your topping stores installer's personal data, select Yes, and then in the List out the personal data you are going to store field, provide personal data you want to store such as username, email and any other fields. Otherwise, select No.

    • Terms of service document: Provide the terms of service document URL of your topping.
    • Supported edition: Select the edition your topping supports. You can select one of the following editions such as Free, Express, Zoho One, and Premier.
    • Installation type: Select one of the following installation types:
      • Install - Use this for Toppings built on any of the Bigin platforms. Provide the installation link.
      • Download - Use this for on-premise apps. Provide Title, URL, and Description of the download file.
      • Visit website - Use this when you want to lead customers to your website for installation. Provide the website URL.
    • Topping icon: Upload a topping icon that gets displayed in different locations of the listing page. You can upload a Topping icon of size up to 1 MB. The icon must be in the png, jpg, or jpeg format.
    • Thumbnail: Upload a thumbnail for your topping that gets displayed in the marketplace listing. You can upload thumbnail of size up to 1 MB. The thumbnail must be in the png, jpg, or jpeg format.
    • Screenshot: Upload images of your topping's UI to illustrate how it works. You can upload 1-4 images of size up to 2 MB each. The images must be in the png, jpg, or jpeg format.
    • Tagline: Provide a one-line description that explains core functionality and benefits of your topping.
    • Description: Provide a brief description on the use case your topping solves.
    • Key features: Provide key features such as capabilities and functionalities of your topping. You can only provide up to 4 key features.
    • User education: Provide the links to user documentation that help users to understand and use the topping.
    • Help video: Provide a link to the overview video of your topping.
    • Globally Available: Specify whether your topping is globally available or not.
    • Pricing: Specify whether subscription of your topping is free or paid.

      If you select the Paid subscription, provide details of the pricing type and plan:

      • Pricing type: Select one of the following pricing types as needed:
        • One-time: Set this option if you want a customer to pay once for your topping and use it indefinitely.
        • Recurring: Set this option if you want a customer to renew his subscription every month. For Recurring pricing type, you can also set the annual discount for the customer.
      • Pricing per: Select one of the following as needed:
        • Organisation: Use this option if you want to set the price for each organisation.
        • Records: Use this option if you want to set the price per a certain number of records. You can provide the number of records in the Records field.
        • UserGroup: Use this option if you want to set the price per user group. You can provide the maximum number of users in the Upto field.
      • Plan name: Provide a plan name for your paid topping. For example, Basic, Medium, or Advanced. You can provide up to 3 pricing plans for a topping.
      • Price: Provide a monthly price for the specified plan. The annual price of the plan reflects automatically.
      • Offer a free trial for 15 days: If you provide a 15-day trial period for your topping, select the Offer a free trial for 15 days check box.

      Note: You can change plans only after 30 business days once the topping is published.

  8. Click Submit.

The submitted topping undergoes the review process. Once the topping gets reviewed, it will then be made available on Bigin Marketplace.

You can check the status of your topping and make any necessary changes through the Partner Console.