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iOS 16

This year, the iPhone becomes even more business-friendly with the addition of new tools and features on iOS 16. Whether you're working from home or on the go, Bigin empowers you to stay productive and get things done with ease.

Lock Screen Widgets

Business information on the very first screen.

There's no denying the usefulness of Bigin's widgets. Now that they're available on the lock screen, they're even more accessible. You can select from a variety of widget options to display the data you need, whether it's a rundown of today's activities, quick access to adding contacts, or keeping tabs on a deal.

QR scanner

Enter contact information effortlessly.

Business cards with QR codes are becoming more and more common. Bigin is now equipped with a QR scanner, which makes it simple to add a contact's information just by scanning the QR code on a business card. Point your camera at a QR code and see how well this feature works.


Realtors can now augment realty.

Showing a listing to clients using only pictures and videos may not be enough, so we've found a way for our real estate template users to go above and beyond with a 3D floor plan. Simply open your camera and capture the surroundings to create a model of the property.

Focus filters

Select the filters for your business.

Focus mode is great if you want to be productive and get into a work mindset. But for more control over which apps are active and how they behave, filters are the way to go. Bigin can be customized to open with your preferred theme, notification settings, and list view so that you can start working straight away.


Keep an eye on the weather for your meetings.

We thought it would be useful if you could look at weather forecasts while you set up your upcoming meetings in Bigin. You can now see the weather conditions at the scheduled event's time and location so you can be prepared.

Quick Note

Keep your thoughts close at hand.

The familiar note-taking app that was previously available only for the iPad and Mac is now available for the iPhone. Quick Note is useful in case you find yourself looking at a screen in Bigin and need to jot down notes. Record both your thoughts and the Bigin-specific context in which you were thinking them at the time.


Lift subject from background

Edit your photos in a matter of seconds.

Bigin leverages the power of Apple's in-device intelligence to provide you with helpful functionality. Consider the case where you need to photograph products in order to advertise them for sale. Instead of painstakingly erasing clutter from the backdrop of a product shot, use a simple gesture to cut an item from its context and place it against a white background.

Live Text quick actions

Interact with the text in your images.

Let’s say there’s an email address and phone number captured in an image. When you tap on the image, Live Text recognizes this information, categorizes it according to type (in this case, phone number and email address), and gives you the option to either call that number or send an email to the address using Bigin.

iPadOS 16

With recent advancements made to Apple's iPad, the performance discrepancy between Mac and portable devices continues to fade, so Bigin users can now expect desktop-like performance on the iPad.

Desktop-class iPad enhancements

Find and replace

The find and replace functionality within the Notes app is probably second nature to you at this point. And if it is, you'll be glad to know that Bigin now supports it. Use the find and replace tool in the Notes view to search for specific words in a note and replace them.

External display support

If you love multitasking, you probably know that an additional screen can be helpful—and a particularly large one has the power to simulate working on a desktop. Once you have your iPad connected to a larger screen, you can exploit all that extra screen real estate. For example, whereas the iPad's smaller screen is perfect for displaying information about a contact or a deal, the larger screen is better suited for viewing your pipeline.

Lock screen widgets in iOS - Bigin by Zoho CRM Lock screen widgets in iOS - Bigin by Zoho CRM

macOS Ventura

To ensure that the user experience on another go-to device is not diminished, we have included a few helpful new features and improvements for Mac.

Stage Manager

When Stage Manager is enabled, you have the ability to open multiple Bigin windows on your Mac and neatly stack them on the left side for quick access. Moreover, you can easily resize windows so that Bigin can be used side-by-side with other apps. When two windows are opened simultaneously, they're paired together, enabling you to toggle between different pairs whenever necessary.

Lock screen widgets in iOS - Bigin by Zoho CRM

Continuity Camera

You're limited in what you can capture with a Mac's camera. If you wanted to snap a photo of the price quote on your desk, scan important documents, or capture the products resting behind your laptop screen, you'd have to twist and tilt your laptop in all kinds of odd ways. Understanding this difficulty, Bigin integrates with Continuity Camera: a useful feature that allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as remote extensions of the Mac camera. The photos you take are instantly transferred where you want them on the Mac.

Lock screen widgets in iOS - Bigin by Zoho CRM

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the awesome features that arrived with earlier updates.

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