What are Workflows?

Workflows enable you to automate tasks that are frequently performed and recurrent. Workflows contain a series of steps wherein each step executing a separate action. You can construct a workflow using rules, conditions, email notifications, webhooks, tasks, and more.

The Bigin Developer Console lets you extend your topping by creating new workflows. On the developer console, you can create workflow rules, define workflow steps, configure a webhook for the workflow and programmatically interact with the workflows.

To create an automation task using workflow, on the developer console, go to Automate > Workflow.

The workflow page contains the following tabs:

  1. The Rules section allows you to create and manage workflow rules that help to automate repeated tasks.
  2. The Email Notifications section allows you to create new email notification and then combine the notification with the workflow.
  3. The Field Updates section allows you to configure the fields wherein the value of a field is updated when an associated workflow rule is executed.
  4. The Webhooks section allows you to configure a webhook that helps to communicate with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications when an event occurs in your Bigin account.
  5. The Functions section allows you to configure custom functions that let you combine with a workflow rule to accomplish a custom task.