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Templates for teams


Track customers' for testimonials easily with Bigin. Reach out to happy customers, ask for reviews and testimonials to go on your website. A win for both you and your customer!

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Monitor the entire cycle from receiving orders from customers to delivering them. Fits any business or industry no matter how big or small.

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bgntempWebsite Launch

Do you build websites? Easily track your multitude of sites in your pipeline in stages with clients from ideation to launch easily.

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bgntempPress Release

Streamline your PR process for your clients, companies or endorsements. Be it social, press or however you like it. Create pipelines for different operations and knock 'em out.

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bgntempEvent Sponsorship

Add potential sponsors as you brainstorm and follow up on everyone until you land the right sponsor. Pitch, negotiate, and agree to sign. Simple and air-tight.

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bgntempStartup Fundraising

Startups can follow up a list of potential investors, until they get picked by a VC or funded. With so much likely to go back and forth, using Bigin to keep track of progress is your best bet!

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